Stay cool and save money during the summer heat

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Triple digits are staying in the forecast so that means most of the air conditioners in Texoma may be working overtime.

To keep your home cool and not pay too much on your utility bill Ricky Sikes, a service manager at James Lanes Air Conditioning and Plumbing, advises homeowners to routinely check their air conditioner like they would a car.

"An air conditioner is the most expensive appliance in your home," Sikes said. "Obviously, the most over looked (...) when it comes to maintenance."

Sikes said a good air conditioner starts with a good filter. He said do not go the cheap route with a fiberglass filter.

"If you take one of those filters outside and shake sand in it, it will fall right through," Sikes said. "All that dirt gets into your system which makes it less efficient."

Another way he said to stay cool and save money is to keep the air conditioner running at a set temperature.

"Whenever the heat of the day builds up, you have that thermal storage so to speak," Sikes said. "Your furniture and everything is already that temperature."

That means less energy to get your home to a comfortable temperature and you do not have to spend an uncomfortable amount of money on your next utility bill.

Sikes said to not put a shade over your air conditioner because it causes it to overheat and damages it.

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