Hometown Pride: Fishing at Lake Arrowhead

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - We continue our hometown pride tour at Lake Arrowhead by wading out into the waters with some local Texoma fisherman. With most of the worlds covered by water, a fisherman's job is simple, pick out the best parts.

At 7 am on Lake Arrowhead Robert Mauk and Ben Yeager are eager to get the first catch of the day.

"We were shooting to be out here early. We were just a few minutes later than where I wanted to get out here," said Mauk.

Both Mauk and Yeager work for the Texas Parks and Wildlife, but for these few hours on an early Saturday morning.

"I'm just and angler today," said Mauk.

Both men have their eyes glued to the water looking for "Large Mouth" and "White" Bass too. They see a school of them from a distance and after slowing down and turn the engine off begin to drift towards the area.

"I saw him using his signature bait called The Whopper Plopper," Yeager laughs as he casts his line out.

After a few more casts and some patience, luck strikes first for Yeager. As he reels in a small "White" Bass up. After looking unhooking, it from his line Yeager shows off the catch and puts it back in the water.

"You're trying to guess where they are going to be, what they are going to be eating, how they are going to react to how you're moving the bait in the water. So sometimes you can just be twitching it wrong and they won't have anything to do with it," said Yeager.

The challenge of trying to outsmart the fish is what Mauk says keeps him continually angling for that next catch. While Mauk would end the morning with zero catches compared to Yeager's two, he says that it doesn't really bother him.

"The challenge of catching them, not knowing what you're going to catch. I was not real successful at it but I had a fun time," said Mauk.

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