Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce sees great examples of economic growth

WICHITA FALLS, TX - One of the jobs of a Chamber of commerce is to make the city better for the people who live and work there.

One way they do that is by adding more jobs for economic growth.

One Wichita Falls business has already made a major economic impact in it's first year.

Sarah Quigley has worked for USA 800 for nine years.

Last year, she moved to the new location in Wichita Falls to take on the position of call center director.

"I've been able to do a lot and it's been great for me to learn and build on my you know tool kit of skills," said Quigley.

The company added more than 450 new jobs to Wichita Falls.

USA 800 has also brought more than $5 million in payroll to the economy.

The Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce CEO calls the call center a success story, and wants to build a better community by bringing even more economic growth.

"Coming here it seems like there is a commitment to the town that I haven't seen in any other cities that I've lived in," said Quigley.

Now the chamber wants your help by taking a survey.

They want to know what Wichita Falls residents and workers want to see in the city.

A team will take those survey results and focus on what you want and how they can turn it into a win-win with economic growth.

"We're going to be adding so many employees here and it's not going to do anything except make the economy grow," said Sue Kroener, one of the first employees at the Wichita Falls USA 800.  "We've got so many people here and that's just going to expand out and go to these other places and businesses.  We're going to cause that to happen because of the growth we are going to put into this community."

Quiggley is excited to see a place she has worked for so long contribute to the place she now calls home.

"We look forward to more supervisors and trainers and getting to develop them and give them the same you know potentially career path that I had," said Quiggley.

"We're doing really great and I'm proud that I can be apart of that," said Kroener.

If you live or work in Wichita Falls, click here to take the survey

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