Wrestling hopefuls slam their way through WF Wrestling Assoc. tryouts

Downtown Wichita Falls may be where some wrestling hopefuls get their start. 22 wrestlers stepped into the ring, Saturday afternoon, for a chance to body slam their way to becoming one of the most electrifying superstars of sports entertainment.

The wrestler chased their dreams in the triple digit heat running two miles outside the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame building.

"I've watched the ECW, WWF, WWE," Trance Alston "The Beast" said. "I've just been a big fan of it since I was little."

"It's more of a childhood goals that I always wanted to do," Bertt Kazowski said.

The wrestlers used their athleticism and their charisma to sway the WF Wrestling Association recruiters to let them train with the organization.

The wrestlers did not let their physical limitations set them back like deaf wrestler Tony Hopkins or Deaf Tone.

"I've been doing it for 20 years, been fighting, karate, black belt, everything," Hopkins said.

His cousin, Steven Hopkins, translates for him and helps him reach his goal to become a wrestling icon like his favorite wrestler, the "Nature-Boy" Ric Flair.

Tony said wants his wrestling character, Deaf Tone, to be one of the good-guys fans cheer for.

"They're always helping people need their help when they're down," Tony said.

Like the Nature Boy and other pro-wrestling stars, Tony will need to have the character which is just as important as the athletic skills.

"You have to make the [audience] care whether you're the hero or villain of the story," Buck Beeson General Manager of WF Wrestling Association said.

Half of the wrestlers who attended the tryout will be chosen to train with the WFWA in the new Third-Floor Dungeon ring at the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame. It opened early-July for training.

You can visit the WFWA Facebook page here if you were unable to attend the tryouts. You can schedule a private tryout with the WFWA. A complete bio form and waiver needs to be filled out and signed before the tryout.

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