Man helps pilot who spent the night in plane wreckage

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - A  65-year-old man continues to recover after a plane crash near the Wichita Valley Airport Sunday night.

Investigators said the pilot who survived spent the night in his plane before walking to find help, Lee Riley.

Riley said he was helping out Ms. Phillis Davis who lives right by the airport. He is usually at her house doing chores outside and tending to the pecan trees, but Monday morning somebody else needed his help.

He said while he was working on the property he noticed something unusual.

"I seen this guy coming through the gate right here, and I hollered over here what's the problem and he hollered back at me that he was in an airplane crash," said Riley.

A plane crash that DPS Troopers said happened around 9 p.m. Sunday night, more than 13 hours before the pilot could get help.

"I don't see how he walked from the plane clear over to here," said Riley. "He's lucky he didn't die, very lucky."

Riley said he was in a shed working and just happened to walk out at the moment the man walked up. 

"And I asked him well have you called anybody, and he said no I ain't called nobody," said Riley.

That is when Riley told the man to take a seat on the porch while he made the call to 911.

"I felt like it was my job to do that," said Riley.

Riley said the pilot's left side of his face was all bloody and he had injuries to his arm and one of his legs.

"The blood wasn't dropping nowhere just all dried blood, so that tells me right then it must of happened last night," said Riley.

Monday night officials with United Regional said he was listed in fair condition.

"Makes me feel a whole lot better that he made it through it," said Riley.

Troopers said the pilot was the only person in the single engine plane.

The Federal Aviation Administration has taken over the investigation. While there were storms in the area around the time of that crash, it is still unclear if weather played a role.

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