Cowboys Camp: first day of full pads practice

The Cowboys went through their first practice of the season in full pads on Wednesday / Source: KLTV
The Cowboys went through their first practice of the season in full pads on Wednesday / Source: KLTV

OXNARD, CA (KLTV) - After watching the Dallas Cowboys run around in just helmets the first two days, it was finally time to hear the pads clash together.

Head Coach Jason Garrett stuck to his normal game plan of having the offense and defense practice separately to start camp, but today the pads went on and the competition ramped up.

"This is when we can come out and actually show what we've worked on and show that we've put in work. It starts when guys walk in the locker room a hour before practice, guys are excited, their juiced up. I think we did a good job today. The intensity was high like a lot of first practices are, guys were flying around. Obviously, impressed with our linebackers you look at those guys making a lot of plays. They were practicing the right way," said Sean Lee, Cowboys linebacker.

"I'm happy,I'm here playing football for me team. Got the pads on today, had an alright day today, you know I'm just excited to play football," said David Irving, Cowboys defensive end.

"It felt good man first day to be back in the pads. Still rough man I got to get that rust off me so I could go out there and feel a little bit better. Got to get back used to playing with these pads, so for me it's really some good work and just got to keep working." said La'el Collins, Cowboys right tackle.

"It was fun to get back out here with the guys, enjoy being an athlete again, getting to take some guys on one on one, it was a lot of fun. I mean if I'm beating them out here it's only going to make them better, if they beat me its only going to make me better. It goes both ways and we know that," said Cole Beasley, Cowboys wide receiver.

"At some point you got to put the pads on, you got to go against each other in a format that likes playing a game. We're going to play a game here in a real short period of time. We have to lay the physical foundation down. We are going to give them plenty of opportunity today.  We will be in pods, we will be in 11 on 11, we will be in pass rush," said Jason Garrett, Cowboys Head Coach.

"We had three turns over and that's great for our defense and one of our main focuses this year just taking the ball away. We have a lot of good players on this team, but the most important part is putting the pieces together. You can't really build off of last year, you got to create something new," said Byron Jones, Cowboys Safety.

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