Despite delays, new Electra school will open by first day of school

ELECTRA, TX (KAUZ) - In about one month, more than 400 junior and senior high students will walk through the halls of the new junior and senior high school in Electra for the first time.

With fresh paint and last minute touches, the halls of Electra Junior Senior High School are almost ready for classes.

Superintendent of Schools, Scott Hogue is excited and said it was time for an upgrade.

"We needed to provide better facilities for our kids," said Hogue.  "We probably run the course on what we can do with what we had."

The current high school opened its doors in 1926, but with new technology, the school was having a hard time keeping up with the changes.

When the announcement for the new school came, most of the community was behind it with one exception.

"They wanted to make sure that we weren't going to tear down the old building," said Hogue.

The administration is honoring that wish by moving their offices to the high school. There are also plans to hold events like graduation in the original auditorium.

Building the new school had some challenges. The original date to open was last December, but rain slowed that down.

"We actually had two or three maybe even four significant concrete pours that had to be delayed," said Hogue.

Aside from some projects outside, the school is almost ready.

"It's going to be so wonderful to be in a building that we have room," said Hogue.

Safety is a top priority for the facility which is why the school has an air lock entry and two tornado shelters that have the potential to fit all of the kids in the district. The hope is that the new school will benefit the future of its students.

"We just wanted our kids to be able to compete as well as anybody else when preparing them for college or anything they do after school," said Hogue.

Superintendent Hogue said that one thing they kept in mind when building the new high school was to make sure to have room to expand in the future.  The district hopes to see the new furniture come to the building Friday.

Doors will open officially on the first day of school, which is August 28.

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