Band Camp takes on the summer heat at Wichita Falls High School

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Band camp is back and football season is almost a month away. The Wichita Falls High School Band took to the turf for the first time this year on July 27, 2017.

Drum major, Katlyn Lang spent time working with the freshman who had never marched before.

"Pretty much just the first day we focus on everybody really, but the freshmen are kind of a big thing because this is so new for them, they've never done it before," Lang said.

Lang works closely with Band Director Justin Lewis as a Drum Major.

"We're always there for the kids if they have a question. If they need help," Lang said.

"Having good leadership is vital to having a band because there are so many kids out here we can't do everything," Lewis said.

"We make sure they know their basics, because as soon as they get that covered then they'll be kind of on equal footing with the rest of the band," Lang said.

Band camp comes at the hottest part of the year when the average high temperature is 98 degrees.

"What a lot of people don't realize with (marching) band is like it's kind of the equal to athletics. You're out in the heat. You're working. I mean it might not be quite as strenuous but we're still out here on a football field where it's like 10 degrees hotter than normal," Lang said.

"We take frequent water breaks, at least one every 30 minutes if not more. We tell the kids not to be a hero. If you feel bad or sick sit down," Lewis said.

Lang said it's all worth it because the band is a family.

"Band is work, it's a lot of work, we get here earlier we stay here later than a lot of people do, it's a lot of outside of school work when it comes to practicing, but it's more fun if you really focus on the fact that you're with a great group of people there's a great goal, honestly it's just a fun experience," Lang said.

Lewis said they start learning their halftime show starting August 1st. This year they will be competing to make it to the area competition.

"Every other year that we do get to advance the kids seem like they want to ramp it up a notch," Lewis said.

This year's halftime performance is a rock show featuring songs by Ozzy Osbourne and Blue Oyster Cult. The first Football game is September 1st.

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