New CPS workers added to Wichita Falls region

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Child Protective Services in the Wichita Falls region is adding to it's workforce with 15 new hires.

The extra help to hire workers is thanks to funding from state lawmakers.

Money was given to all the CPS regions in Texas.

In north Texas, they are using that money to help with their case load by hiring more workers.

Cici Gossett grew up knowing she wanted a job that would help people.

She can now do that as a new adoption specialist.

"Telling us in the car that we are going to go to school, do certain things because you care about us, and you love us and that joy is unimaginable," said Gossett.

She wanted to work for Child Protective Services after her god parents signed up to be foster parents.

She saw first hand the work done with CPS.

"We now adopted a little boy," said Gossett.  "I watched the joy that happened."

The Wichita Falls region has some of the highest case loads for CPS.

New state funding means more case workers.

"We're just very excited about this opportunity to have more staff in the field to serve our families and children," said Randy Neff, program administrator for CPS Wichita Falls region.  "We know that this is just going to help improve the outcome for families and children."

Tanner Sanders is no stranger to working with kids.

He worked with First Step, an organization that helps women and children.

"The best part of my day is when I got to help children with their homework or even just go outside and play with them," said Sanders.

Sanders is one of four new adoption specialists.

There will now be six in our area, rather than two.

"They're hopefully going to get more attention," said Sanders.  "More time devoted to them so that they don't feel so isolated."

"This is more of a job to them," said Neff.  "This is a calling and each and everyone of our case workers are answering the calling."

"I really just want to make those families and make those connections," said Gossett.  "Just make sure that these kids will be in the best possible loving home they could be."

After the new hires, there are now more than 1880 workers for CPS in our region.

Last year, Texas lawmakers approved $150 million to help Child Protective Services hire new workers.

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