Wichita Falls flyover closed due to water main break damages

Kell Blvd
Kell Blvd

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The flyover ramp from Kell Boulevard to U.S. 287 Southbound is closed, leaving travelers to find a different route.

It's all because of a water main break on July 9th.

A 20 inch water main broke on U.S. 287, flooding part of the flyover and highway.

All that water damaged the road, and crews were forced to shut it down to fix it.

"287 is the ramp that I normally take," truck driver, Joe West said. "I'm just following the GPS. Whatever it tells me, that's the way I go."

West is a truck driver from San Antonio who frequently drives through Wichita Falls on the Kell East and U.S. 287 Southbound flyover ramp.

"I wouldn't know whether it was closed or not," West said. "The GPS sends me one way or another. So I wouldn't be able to tell you which one was closed and which one was not."

Workers are making repairs to the ramp and highway after water from the break damaged the pavement, along with the material beneath that supports it.

"If it's making a huge difference for the folks locally, that would be a problem," West said.

According to TxDOT's Adele Lewis, that shouldn't be the case.

She said people will just have to plan ahead.

"You're going to exit at Holliday Street," Lewis said. "Then you are going to take a right, go down right in front of Patterson's, and you will get on the freeway just like you did for 40 years before we had the flyover."

She wants drivers to be aware when merging back onto the freeway.

"If people aren't going to let you on the freeway, or if you're not going fast enough to merge with the traffic, it may be a little bit busy at certain times," Lewis said "You need to be very cautious when you are getting back on the freeway."

Watch out for the signs and barrels, too.

"Just since we have been here for this interview, we've seen a couple of people go beyond the barrels," Lewis said. "And that can be dangerous because you don't know what's behind those barrels."

Drivers exiting need to look out for other drivers who go fast past the barrels and swerve back onto the exit, potentially causing a wreck.

Bottom line is to be careful, slow down, and pay attention if you are headed that way.

The work should be completed on the ramp and highway in about two weeks.

It will take longer to fix the water main, about four to five weeks.

However, that will not affect the closure of the flyover.

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