New bike event added for 2017 Hotter N' Hell Hundred

New bike event added for 2017 Hotter N' Hell Hundred

WICHITA FALLS, TX - The Hotter N' Hell hundred is less than a month away from beginning. Soon thousands of riders will be pedaling into Texoma for four days of bike weekend festivities.

"Registrations right now are running about 10% behind where they normally are," said Chip Filer Executive Director for the Hotter N' Hell Hundred.

Organizers are estimating 10,000 riders (1/10th the population of Wichita Falls) will be biking. There's even a new fixed gear Criterium race event that will be sponsored by the energy drink company Red Bull.

"The fixed gear crite's are even more challenging because there are no breaks on those bikes, there is no coasting on those bikes, the drive wheel goes just as fast as the pedals go.

One of the reasons Red Bull is so good is because they target a younger generation than most of the other sponsors do. Their target are the millennial and those are that we really need to get involved in bike riding and come to the HHH," said Filer.

Filer said that the Triple H normally sees as many as 4,000 people volunteer their time and effort to help make sure the races and other events run smoothly. They are also looking for "Host Homes" that will give some riders a place to stay before the big race events.

"One of the things that we're really looking for right now are "Host Homes" and volunteers. If folks are interested in helping as a "Host Home" or as a volunteer go to the HHH website which is There's a place to send an e mail that you want to be a host home or a volunteer," said Filer.

If you would like to learn more about the 2017 HHH or want to become a volunteer or "Host Home" candidate you can click HERE!