Bowie residents face possible tax increase

Bowie residents face possible tax increase

BOWIE, TX (KAUZ) - In Downtown Bowie The Brick is nearing its one year anniversary. It is a local restaurant owned by Ben Robbins who says he knows all too well the struggles of owning a small business.

"As a small business owner you adapt to change, and you make it work," said Robbins.

A change could be coming soon. A tax rate increase is now on the agenda for Tuesday's City Council meeting.

However, it is a hike Ricky Tow, Bowie's City Manager, said is common. He adds it is $17.30 more a year in taxes on a home valued around $100,000.

A lot of people said they are disappointed to hear this news, no matter the increase. While others, including Robbins, said they just want what is best for their city.

"It's what they have to do to get the money where they need it to be," said Robbins.

Where does that money need to go? According to Tow to help with the city's drainage issues and several other problems he did not go into detail about.

Those drainage concerns are something Robbins said he deals with personally.

"When it rains there is a huge puddle right in our driveway," said Robbins. "It takes a full week for it to dry up and go away, so there are places around town that definitely need work on those areas."

He admits it will make it tough for small business owners for a little bit.

"But times change, and prices continue to change, and they are always pretty much on the rise so we just have to do our best," said Robbins.

Ricky Tow stressed this is the preliminary stages for the possible tax increase. He adds the rate could be lower than the proposed amount but will not go up any more.

At Tuesday's meeting citizens can weigh-in and are encouraged to attend.

For those who cannot make it out Tuesday, there will be two public hearings before city officials vote. Those are set for August 15 and September 5.

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