Rep. Thornberry awarded Spirit of Enterprise Award by US Chamber of Commerce

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The United States Chamber of Commerce awarded U.S. Congressman Mac Thornberry (R, Texas), on Wednesday, with the Spirit of Enterprise award at the Wichita Falls Country Club.

The Spirit of Enterprise award is given to congressman who voted in favor of pro-growth and pro-jobs policies. Rep. Thornberry said the award ceremony was not to honor him but celebrate something greater.

"That means more jobs, better quality of life, hiring comes for everybody, that is what this is really all about."

During his award ceremony, Rep. Thornberry spoke about several issues affecting the country like healthcare, defense budget and tax reform.

"As you may know, the Senate hasn't been able to pass anything yet," Rep. Thornberry told the crowd in attendance.

"I hope they keep trying because Obamacare plan is getting worse and worse as times goes on," he said. "We've got to keep at it to pass something."

He said changes need to be made to the defense budget.

"We've had the testimony that we are about 15,000 pilots short, 3,000 to 4,000 maintainers short and that is exactly what we produce here at Sheppard," Rep. Thornberry said.

He said despite the difficulties opposing political parties have had to pass new health care legislation they can work together.

Rep. Thornberry said Democrats and Republicans worked together in the House of Representatives to pass the National Defense Authorization Act.

"The vote was 344 to 81 as republicans and democrats alike realized we've cut too much and we've got to do more."

Once Congress returns to session next month, Rep. Thornberry said tax reform is going to be their most important priority.

"Hopefully, everybody has learned lessons from health care so far that we all can't have just the way we want to," he said. "We've got to work together to get something passed."

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