State of the art landscaping technology makes it way to Texoma

State of the art landscaping technology makes it way to Texoma

BURKBURNETT, TX (KAUZ) - With a press of a button and away it goes.

Many call it, the "Roomba" for your yard.

"It cuts grass," said Chris Davis with Davis Small Engine in Burkburnett. "It cuts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

The Husqvarna auto mower, is a 35 pound gadget that does all the stress of yard work.

Chris Davis first noticed the lawn cutter about six years ago at a landscaping expo.

He said the battery operated mower has been apart of Europe for 20 years, but he wanted to wait to see how it did in the United States.

Davis calls it, the way of the future.

"It's booming," said Davis. "It's skyrocketing. It's amazing how big it's getting now."

It works by cutting fractions of inches of grass at a time on a property that is set up with perimeter wire.

The grass cut is so small it goes back into the ground and acts as a natural fertilizer.

The mower runs on electricity, which means no gas or oil is used.

Another reason why Davis thinks everyone will have these in their homes soon.

"It's going to happen," said Davis. "It's the way of the beast and we have to evolve."

The blades on the auto mower are the equivalent to razor blades.

Built in sensors ensure little to no injuries to you or your property.

"This thing has sensors on the front end to know that there's an object in front of it," said Davis. "It automatically instead of going at it's full rate of speed it slows down.  There was a little girl, 5 years old she was out here and it hit her foot.  It backed up and went away. There's a lot of people that physically can not do this.  This would help them tremendously.

Right now, Davis only has the one auto mower, but wants to get more to show Texomans the new way of landscaping.

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