Hometown Pride Tour: Red River Valley Museum

Hometown Pride Tour: Red River Valley Museum

VERNON, TX (KAUZ) - Our Hometown Pride Tour of Vernon continues with a trip to the Red River Valley Museum, where some pieces inside dates back as far as 280-million years.

The museum has been keeping history alive since 1964 and is also home to one of the unique collections of animal mounts from all over the world.

The RRVM now hopes to update the display to help better educate visitors.

Former board President, Staley Heatly said through generous donations they have been able to update parts of the museum and make the experience more interactive.

"We have some interactive exhibits that explain our history and of course it all starts with the Berry Collection, that has fossils going back hundreds of millions of years that were collected in this area," said Heatly.

After the recent renovations to the Berry Gallery, the museum is looking to continue updating its most popular and unique exhibit, the Bond Gallery.

It is an incredible collection wild animals, except it is not a zoo. The exhibit displays more than 100 different animal mounts donated to the museum by a big game trophy hunter, William Bond.

Heatly said the goals is better to educate visitors not just about the animals, but where they come from as well.

"We want them to be able to put those animals in context so that they can learn about natural history they can learn about geography and learn about conservation," he said.

With such a great collection inside this small town museum, there are still many residents who have yet to see these exhibits which hold some artifacts you might not even find at the Smithsonian.

"People can come here and learn about their history, see a collection that any community would be proud to have and we need their support to keep this museum going for decades to come," said Heatly.

The Red River Valley Museum will continue funding for the Bond Gallery renovations and hope to start construction in the next year or two.

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