RAW FOOTAGE: Shooting near popular Mexican resort town caught on video

(Source: YouTube)
(Source: YouTube)

PLAYA PAMILLA, Mexico - On Sunday, gunmen opened fire on a beach in Playa Pamilla, Mexico in the Los Cabos tourist region of Baja California. The shooting took place about 25 miles northeast of Cabo San Lucas.

Cell phone video taken at the time of the shooting was uploaded to Youtube on Tuesday.

Three people were killed in the shooting and two others were wounded according to multiple media reports. Witnesses said the guns used in the shooting appeared to be fully-automatic rifles.

This area of Mexico has seen a rise in violence as drug cartels in the area fight for control. Most of the violence has stayed away from tourist areas and this particular beach was one of the few which had seen no violence previous to Sunday's shooting.

Officials have not released any information on the victims of the violence. People who were at the beach at the time of the shooting have told media outlets a family gathering appeared to be the target of the gunmen.

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