WFISD staff gathers to begin school year

WFISD staff gathers to begin school year

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Kids across Wichita Falls will return to school in eight days. But their teachers and other staff members are already back.

Wednesday was their first day and they spent the morning together. WFISD gathered to discuss the upcoming school year.

They discussed an array of issues that range from the budget to karaoke. They sang, reflected, and prepared.

"In all we do, we are paving the road to success for our students," Milam Elementary teacher, Michelle Keller said.

Superintendent, Michael Kuhrt, talked to employees about the budget and what he wants them to focus on, which includes reading, meeting student needs, and helping them be prepared post-graduation.

"My thoughts to the district since the time I got here was that our job is to help our parents reach their goals for their children," Superintendent Kuhrt said. "And I think we do that here in WFISD."

But the biggest message driven home was to help every student succeed, regardless of their background, upbringing, or issues they're facing.

"Stand up for the ones who have no one else standing up for them," Barwise Middle School teacher, Jennifer Parker said. "If we truly want to be the impact for future generations, we have to continue to stand together one day at a time, for one student at a time."

"We need to be that support system," Superintendent Kuhrt said. "It takes a little more time and effort on our part, but the return on our investment is greater with those students than students that might have all the advantages."

"I just wanted to stress to our staff and everybody else that we're in this for all God's kids," Superintendent Kuhrt added. "And all means all. It doesn't mean some, it doesn't mean just a few, it means all."

School is set to begin on August 17 and Superintendent Kuhrt said that there is still a lot of work to be done between now and then, but they are eager for the year to start.

Superintendent Kuhrt said this assembly, which is the only time the entire staff is together, is important to him because he wants to continue to strengthen the WFISD team through bonding and collaboration.

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