Hometown Pride Tour: Revitalizing Downtown Vernon

Revitalizing Downtown Vernon
Revitalizing Downtown Vernon

VERNON, TX (KAUZ) - Like many Texoma towns Vernon is working to bring their historical downtown back to life and business owners in the Vernon community are all on board.

As you make your way through Downtown Vernon you can still see building and signs giving you a glimpse into the past.

Local business owner, Jamie Chapman, open her store Pepperberries a few years ago and recently relocated in downtown.

She is now hoping to make that glimmer of the past shine bright once again.

"Downtown is where everything happens," said Chapman.

For years she dreamed of owning a business in Downtown Vernon and there was one building that stood out among the rest.

When the opportunity came to purchase the building, she went for it.

"Every time I drove by I thought that is such a shame, it's such a pretty building, why is nothing in there," she said.

Clint McCormick, Tourism and Main Street Director in Vernon has been helping business flourish in downtown as can already see the growth.

"It's starting to become lively again," said McCormick.

As the main street continues to develop McCormick welcomes new business owners looking to grow.

If you are not sure if Vernon is the place for your business, Jamie might be able to convince you.

"Oh it is fun being a business owner in downtown you get to meet all kinds of new people, people from out of town you never would have before and I just have fun it's a lot of fun," said Chapman.

You can visit Downtown Vernon on Friday, August 18th for the Summer's Last Blast Car Show.

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