WFPD officer on administrative leave after shooting

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A patient from the North Texas State Hospital is shot, leaving a Wichita Falls police officer on administrative leave. That patient stole a police SUV and was chased through fields before wrecking on TX-79.

It's still unclear what exactly happened, and will stay that way a little longer.

It will be at least another day before we know more because according to Wichita Falls Police Department policy, the officer cannot be interviewed for 48 to 72 hours after by internal affairs.

They have the policy to give officers a chance to decompress.

Some people on the southeast side of Wichita Falls sat inside their homes as police and Wichita County Sheriff Deputies searched the area for a patient that walked off the grounds of the state hospital Wednesday morning.

One neighbor captured video of officers and deputies searching for the patient, who Young County Sheriff Travis Babcock identified as Cody Workman.

When the call went out over the radio about shots fired, you could see officers racing that direction. Another neighbor lost her dogs during the chaos.

They ran off and she could not go search for them because her road was closed for four and a half hours, but fortunately, she got them back last night.

This all started Wednesday morning at 9:30 am when Workman walked away from the state hospital. Police and deputies searched the area, even with a drone.

Workman was spotted at 3:30 p.m. near Stone Lake and Rathgeber Road, by the state hospital. Shortly after shots were fired.

Workman will likely face Aggravated Assault Against a Peace Officer and Stolen Vehicle charges once he is released from United Regional.

This is the second time in nine months a Wichita Falls police unit has been stolen by a suspect. Back in December, a man led officers on a chase onto Sheppard Air Force Base, before it ended on one of the runways.

Police hope to know more on why shots were fired, and how the SUV ended up stolen after the officer is interviewed.

Stay with Newschannel 6 as we continue to follow this developing story.

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