Hometown Pride Tour: Vernon Plaza Theatre

The theatre was built in 1953
The theatre was built in 1953

VERNON, TX (KAUZ) - Our Hometown Pride Tour of Vernon continues with a look back at the golden age of entertainment as we take a trip to the Vernon Plaza Theatre.

Located in the heart of Downtown Vernon, the theatre first opened its doors 1953.

Nearly 65 years later it is still in full operations.

Once considered state of the art, the theatre became a glimpse into the past.

The theatre became the first in Texas built to show 3-D films, but as years and owners passed by the once great theatre faded into disrepair.

In 2006, movie enthusiasts Mark Farr-Nash and his wife Cathy, born in Vernon, heard the theatre was up for sale.

They originally had plans to buy a theatre once they were retired, but decided to chase after their dreams.

"I sort of had the epiphany, let's not do it when we were retire, let's do it now well we can," said Farr-Nash.

In just 10 years Mark and Cathy brought the theatre back to life.

Preserving the historical look and operations, the theatre used original 35 millimeter film and projectors, before switching to digital in 2014.

Through love and passion Mark and Cathy have given this piece of Vernon history new life.

Something Preston Cary has been doing at the Wilbarger County Historical Museum for decades.

From signs, pictures, to an original ticket for the Plaza Theatre's grand opening, Preston has spent his entire life keeping the history of Wilbarger County alive.

"I'm grateful for Preston's collection because it allows me to focus on getting people here and reengaging the theater as a family activity, as a social event, and Preston gets to be the one who keeps the archive alive," said Farr-Nash.

The theatre today shows both current and classic films. Mark and Cathy look to update/renovate certain features of the theatre and to keep the history alive for years to come.

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