Texoma shoppers save big on Tax-Free Weekend

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Several stores in Texoma were packed with those trying to save some extra cash during this Tax-Free Weekend.

Cheryl Marshall, was one of many shoppers at the Wichita Falls JCPenney on Saturday, bought several back-to-school gifts for her grandkids.

"I do it every year," Marshall said. "I save all my money and do it once a year."

She said her grandkids tell her "thank you, grandma, we are so happy," when they receive their gifts.

During Tax-Free Weekend savvy shoppers, like Marshall, play while the Lone Star State takes a break from its sales tax, which is just more than eight percent.

That saves shoppers about $8 for every $100 they spend.

"It helps me a lot because it's the taxes you don't have to pay which comes to at least $20, $30, $40, $50, and with three grandkids to buy clothes for, that's a big saving," Marshall said.

Backpacks, clothes, shoes and other school supplies, under $100, are exempt from the sales tax.

According to the The National Retail Federation, more than 60 percent of customers, like Marshall, start back-to-school shopping less than a month before class begins.

Even a child was able to identify a good deal when they saw one.

"You get to learn cool prices as a kid," Devin Pope,8, said. "You get to learn fun prices."

Marshall said the low prices helped her shop stress-free.

"As a grandma, you always buy more."

Not all the items under $100 are exempt from the sales tax. You can see what items are exempt here.

Back-to-school shopping is expected to reach more than $83 billion this year which is an increase from $76 billion last year, according to The National Retail Federation.

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