Voting precincts could be no more in Wichita County

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - If you live in Wichita County, things could be different the next time you vote. On Monday, county commissioners passed a motion allowing residents to vote at any of the polling locations.

It's in an effort to increase voter turnout and simplify the process so people don't have to worry about where to go.

"We know we have had voter fraud in the state," one resident said. "We know we have had voter fraud nationally. And we certainly want to keep our election system as clear from fraud as we can get."

"We have a real problem in the country and this county with not enough people voting," another resident said.

The change to the voting policies has been heavily discussed for over a year.

"Our biggest complaint on election day is I wasn't sure where to go vote," Wichita County Judge, Woody Gossom said. "If we do this, you can go to any polling location and vote."

Judge Gossom said he understands concerns about voter fraud but believes a simpler system is better.

"The likelihood of voter problems is pretty slim," he said. "So let's move forward for the greater good. More of the public wants vote centers than doesn't."

If approved by the Secretary of State, it will go into effect this November, where there will be ten locations for people to vote. Next March's primaries will be held and ran by the parties. That election will be run differently for voters.

However, in next November's general election, there will be 31 locations to vote. Currently, 44 other counties in the state are using voting centers for their elections.

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