WFPD reminds drivers to slow down as school starts

WFPD reminds drivers to slow down as school starts

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Summer has sped by and those blinking school zone lights have remained off ever since school ended in May, but law enforcement in Wichita Falls wants to remind drivers to slow down as students head back to their classes on Thursday.

"Let's just remember to slow back down, and be mindful of the little ones that are crossing the street," said Sergeant Harold McClure.

Wichita Falls police focus on school zones during the year as a reminder to drivers that they should slow down or risk getting pulled over.

"So, you're going to see kids walking to school.  You're going to see kids riding their bikes to school.  You're going to see the school buses back out there," said Sergeant McClure.

Students who walk to school should be just as aware of speeding drivers, according to McClure.

"If you go over the speed limit, whether that be a regular posted speed limit or the school zone speed limit, you are subject to being stopped and being issued a citation," said Sergeant McClure.

Distracted drivers are one of the most dangerous threats to both children and drivers in school zones.

"When you're behind that wheel, your number one priority is operating that vehicle safely," said McClure.

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