Hometown Pride Tour: Seymour City Hall Auditorium

SEYMOUR, TX (KAUZ) - Our hometown pride tour has arrived in Seymour. All week we'll be bringing you stories from Baylor County. We start with one of the older buildings located in Seymour, the Seymour City Hall Auditorium.

"It took just less than a year to bring this building back to (...) the glory days," said Lauren Bush, Economic Development Director for the City of Seymour.

Work on restoring the auditorium started in 2011 and wrapped up in less than a year. But the history of this building goes back to the 1920s when the city purchased the land for $6,000 in 1922 and built the auditorium two years later.

For the next 30 years, the building was used as a community event spot hosting town hall meetings and graduations. Wear and tear started to take a toll on the auditorium and after Seymour High School built a new auditorium, the City Hall Auditorium was left to the elements.

"So they just kind of closed the doors and said we'll deal with it later. So 55 years later, we started dealing with the issue," said Bush.

The goal of the renovation was to keep as much of the original building as possible.

"Literally there's more things original to this building than there are new," said Bush.

Floors, cast-iron chairs, and lights were all restored to their original condition. Funds for the renovation were provided by Judge Clyde Whiteside.

"He came to us and said that this was a passion for him, he wanted to see this building in better condition," said Bush.

Today, the auditorium entertains guests with a 21-foot screen and projector used to show movies. Around 2,800 visitors have come to watch movies since last November. Movies are free to the public and are shown two weekends a month.

"Entertainment is one of those hard to tap and hard to supply things in a small town. So this has been a really great option," said Bush.

Bush said the auditorium has been a great addition to Seymour and thinks the use of the building will continue to grow.

"There's so many possibilities for this room, for this building, for our community," said Bush.

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