WF Mayor says his goal is to be transparent & honest


WICHITA FALLS, TX - Wichita Falls Mayor Stephen Santellana is giving residents the chance to ask the tough questions they need to be answered.

Once a month the Mayor will be live in our NewsChannel 6 studio to talk about the hot topics in the city.

He said he wants to give residents straight access to the information they need.

Adding it is all about being transparent and honest, something he feels is always an issue with elected officials.

"I don't dodge anything," said Mayor Santellana. "I want people to come at me with whatever they think they need to."

He said being open is something he has been since day one.

"It's important for those people to trust in their elected officials and know that their vote hasn't been wasted," said Mayor Santellana.

He said this gives them another outlet to discuss issues with him.

"I don't want to hide behind the veil of government," said Mayor Santellana. "I don't want to be able to tell someone that stock canned answer all the time."

He said he is not expecting every citizen to always agree with him, but he does want the opportunity to explain his position correctly with the correct information.

Something he likes about this new Q and A is the live aspect, and after the newscast, he will be taking questions live on our NewsChannel 6 Facebook.

He said he likes the fact that these are unscripted.

"You don't know what questions are coming, so your answers have to come quickly," said Mayor Santellana.

Using a live platform like this is something he feels a lot of politicians do not want to do.

"Because they think well what if somebody misinterprets something?" said Mayor Santellana. "Well so be it. I know what the truth is and somebody else might know what the truth is."

He adds this does not give him any time to model his answers.

"I think that's really good for people who want to see that transparency and that honesty in an elected official," said Mayor Santellana.

He said he knows he cannot solve all the problems the city of Wichita Falls faces, but making people feel comfortable with their local government is something he says he can attempt.

He hopes Wichita Falls residents feel good about this and people send in some tough questions, adding he is ready to tackle all of them they throw his way.

You can send your questions to Chris Horgen Newschannel6 on Facebook. If it is not answered on the air during our newscast, remember you can join in as it continues on our NewsChannel 6 Facebook Page where we will be going live with the mayor. There you can send us questions in the comment section and Mayor Santellana will answer them live.

The next "Mondays with the Mayor" is September 11.

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