Hometown Pride Tour: Seymour Sound Garden

SEYMOUR, TX (KAUZ) - A little over a year ago, the only thing in the lot to the right of Seymour City Hall was grass. Today, there's a park unlike any other in the area.

"We've got other parks around here and stuff but they don't ever get to actually do things with their hands and experience the noise. Music making," said Ryan Gill, Seymour resident.

It's called a sound garden and it's equipped with chimes, xylophones, and drums. The instruments are suitable for all ages but also for children with autism.

Each instrument is in-tune and no matter how you play it, you never get an incorrect sound. Seymour Economic Director Lauren Bush said even adults have enjoyed the sound garden.

"The kids will just bang on the instruments a couple times but the parents compose this whole thing and they'll play for hours. We've had adults do dates out there," Bush said.

The city received a grant for the project and construction took around 45 days. A local contractor donated concrete to help build the park. Bush says the sound garden has helped out businesses in downtown.

"One of the things that we do is we partner with the Whiteside Museum for their educational programming and so when they bring school groups in. We help them split that school group up and rotate them between the sound garden, the cinema, and the museum," said Bush.

Future plans include toddler sized instruments, safety fencing, and landscaping.

"As we can raise funds and get more people invested in it, well then we'll just add on and expand on it," said Bush.

Seymour sound garden is located at 301 N. Washington St. in downtown Seymour next to city hall and across the street from the Whiteside Museum of Natural Science.

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