15 Rattlesnakes found in Wichita Falls Neighborhood

WICHITA FALLS, TX - 15 rattlesnakes have been spotted in the North Fountain Park Neighborhood as of Aug 17. Four dogs have been bitten and survived. Theresa Browning used the Nextdoor App to alert the area and keep track of the rattlesnake count.

"That's just to get the word out," Browning said.

She said it's important that people know there are rattlesnakes in the area so they can be extra cautious and take time to look before they step.

"They've been found on Chelsea and we've had one just here on York the day before yesterday and they're the small rattle snakes and those are the most venomous," Browning said.

Katrena Mitchell, Administrator for the City of Wichita Falls Animal Services, said the beginning of fall is when rattlesnakes appear to be more active. This is also the typical time of year baby rattlesnakes hatch.

"Adult rattle snakes have a little bit more control, so a baby rattle snake may eject a person or an animal that they come into contact with a lot of venom where an adult rattle snake may not do so. Usually when they bit they're just telling you to back off," Mitchell said.

Browning suggest keeping mice and rats out of your yard.

"You know keep those under control because that's when the snakes come into feed, and with all the water we've had sometimes that's driving them in from the lower areas out to drier land," Browning said.

Mitchell suggest keeping your yard clean.

"We are in Texas and snakes are kind of a part of life here in Texas, but the first things you want to do, you want to keep your yard mowed. You want to keep any brush or debris to a minimum on your property," Mitchell said.

Browning said she will continue to post where snakes have been seen on the Nextdoor app. Mitchell said snakes are treated as emergency calls and they will come to any residence or areas with people anytime, day or night.

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