Hundreds of students volunteer for MSU move in day

Move in day, MSU
Move in day, MSU

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Saturday hundreds of eager freshman moved into their dorms at Midwestern State University, but not without some help.

More than 200 volunteers were on site to help with move in day.

"I've got totes clothes, televisions, and games," said Isiah Edwards, a volunteer.  "You name it, I've moved it."

"I've moved four mini fridges, a lot of clothes, and shoes," said Avery Whaite, another volunteer.  "Basically all on the top floor.  I've been lucky getting those the whole time."

This is Cheyenne Underhill's first year as a volunteer to help freshman move into their dorms.

"It's been really busy," said Underhill.  "We are very packed here, but it's been pretty fun."

During the first part of May, MSU starts recruiting students to help with move in day.

This is Whaite's third year as a volunteer.

"It's great to see new faces and greet them to MSU," said Whaite.

Several organizations on campus see this as an opportunity to give back.

This year, 215 mustangs stepped up to the job.

Residence hall director and volunteer coordinator, Ashley Statham couldn't be prouder.

"It's really cool to see them just put their associations aside and just be an MSU mustang," said Statham.

For Edwards, seeing all these people step up to help shows what he loves most about MSU.

"I feel like it shows we actually go above and beyond to help each other out," said Edwards.  "We show them we actually care about who comes here."

Orientation for Freshman starts Wednesday, August 23.

Classes for MSU start Monday, August 28.

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