2nd Annual Texoma Gives fundraiser September 7th, 2017

2nd Annual Texoma Gives fundraiser September 7th, 2017

WICHITA FALLS, TX - In just under two weeks, six area foundations are coming together for a second year in a row to help non-profits raise funds in 24 different counties in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.  It's called "Texoma Gives."

"Our goal is to raise one million dollars. We have 200 non-profits that have a giving page on Texomagives.org.  We wanted to help non-profits and let them know they needed to have an online giving vehicle because donors in the future will be giving online, and then also understand and learn how to use social media to promote themselves," said Teresa Caves, president of the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation.

"Texoma Gives" was started by the W.F.A.C.F. in partnership with The Priddy Foundation, The Fain Foundation, J.S. Bridwell Foundation, Bryant Edwards Foundation, and the Perkins Prothro Foundation, all teaming together to do the administrative underwriting of the first year.  In 2016, 146 non-profits participated in the 16-hour event with donations from 38 states and 96% of the 4,882 donations coming in online.  They're back together this year to provide the prize pot that the non-profits will win in the "Texoma Gives 2017" event on September 7th.

"So, we have prizes associated with the travel and have prizes throughout the day in that 16 hours," said Caves.

The group has already received images and messages from people as far away as Nepal, but all the funds raised will be going directly to Texoma-based groups and organizations.

"We raised about $25,000 last year, and of course, we'd like to exceed that this year," said Noel Filer, Mission Advancement Director for the Wichita Falls YMCA.

Each non-profit is offering their own unique rewards for top donors who contribute to their cause.

"Last year, we had a campaign where people from the community came in and they were pirates for a day, and we did walk the plank.  This year, we are gong to do a Ninja Warrior course, but it's a YMCA version, so it's a friendly version.  We're gearing up for another round of fun for Texoma Gives," said Filer.

If you would like to know more about "Texoma Gives," you can click HERE!

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