Day 5: Still no sign of 5 missing aviators after chopper crash

NORTH SHORE, OAHU - The search for a missing Wichita Falls U.S. Army soldier and four other military aviators off the coast of Hawaii enters day five on Sunday.

The service members helicopter crashed Tuesday.

Stephen Cantrell, a Hirschi High School graduate, was on board the chopper.

The search is now expanding to Niihau. The United States Coast Guard said it is because of currents and swells that could push debris to the island.

The military, State and Federal crews have been searching non-stop for five days now but only pieces of debris from the downed army chopper has been found.

At last check rescue crews conducted over 110 separate searches covering 68,000 square nautical miles.

The Black Hawk helicopter crashed Tuesday night in waters off Kaena Point.

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