Texoma girl preps for HHH despite 2016 hiccup

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - While riders are preparing for this year's Hotter 'N Hell Hundred so is an 11-year-old who found herself in the middle of a little trash talk last year.

The concerns came after the water bottles Ashlynn Grimes handed out to those tackling the 100 miles were left on the side of the road near her home.

Ashlynn said someone else got to those discarded bottles quicker than she did, but she plans to make sure this does not happen Saturday. Something else that is different this time around is all the support she is getting.

600 water bottles made their way to Ashlynn's house Monday as she gears up to help the racers make it to the 100 mile marker.

"I love Hotter 'N Hell, and I really enjoy handing them waters and pushing them to go to the finish line and saying good job," said Ashlynn. "I love meeting them."

Handing out waters to riders as they fly by is something she has been doing for three-years now.

In the past, the cash for those cases came out of her allowance. 

"I help do chores and my mom pays me and stuff, and I save that up," said Ashlynn. "So this year me and my dad we're going to use that money and we are going to buy more cases of water."

Even though she is still saving up to buy her own H2O, this year she is getting some help.

Steven Booker, an attorney in Burkburnett, said Ashlynn buying her own waters shows maturity, strength and a good heart, reasons he is getting involved too.

"Well I heard what Ashlynn did last year and how hard it is out there to make sure the riders in the Hotter 'N Hell have water and making sure they are hydrated," said Booker. "So I thought, just donate it and let her do her thing."

Ashlynn will be doing her thing from 6 a.m. to about 2 p.m. Where she will be giving out waters and high fives, and with last year's trash concerns still lingering she is ready to make this year better than the last.

She and her dad already know how they are going to tackle the problem.

"We got the four-wheeler so we have a little trailer for it, and I am going to sit in the back of the trailer while he drives," said Ashlynn. "I'm going to get out and pick up all the trash and I am going to throw it away."

Then she will wait for next year and start saving up to buy more waters.

"I'm going to continue pushing them and cheering them on because that trash, that shouldn't stop anybody. You just keep going," said Ashlynn. "Just pick it up, have a game plan and just keep going about it."

Attorney Steven Booker is not the only one donating to Ashlynn's cause. Crazy Water out of Mineral Wells is also donating waters, and one Triple H rider made shirts for her and her crew to wear during Saturday's race, just to name a few.

A rider who is participating in this year's race is going to stay at Ashlynn's house too. She said she cannot wait to meet him and of course hand him a water when he rides by during the race.

Speaking of the race, NewsChannel 6 will have live coverage from the starting line and the course Saturday morning beginning at 6:30 a.m.
If you can't watch on TV it will be streamed live on the NewsChannel 6 app and Facebook Page.

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