Father pushes for safety regulation to honor son

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - An Electra father is reaching out to law makers in hopes of getting safety regulations in place for an industry he said 'has none.'

Joe Allan Bounds lost his son, Louis Michael Bounds,36, who died while working on a home in Petrolia in March. The foundation of the home collapsed on Louis trapping him underneath while he was repairing a porch.

He has reached out to Senators Jeff Flake and Craig Estes to help him reach that goal of making the foundation repair industry a safer industry to work in.

"I'm hoping to prevent another parent to be delivered the news that I was," Bounds said. "It hit me pretty hard and it's still hitting me."

Bounds was shocked to find out there are no safety regulations in the state of Texas for the foundation repair industry.

"Individuals doing that worked need to be protected," Bounds said.

State Sen. Estes said the lack of regulation that may have led to Louis's death is something he is looking into.

"If there is some common sense reform, that needs to be enacted," Bounds said. "My heart goes out the family and their loss. We want everybody to be safe in the workplace."

Jared Golden, the owner of AAA Guardian Foundation Repair, said he wants state legislators to pass laws making contractors have some form of insurance.

"If something happens to these guys, there's nothing," Golden said.

Bounds said his son would want regulation to occur to save another life.

"I'm going to push it, whatever I've got to do to get this done, I'll get it done," Bounds said.

He is seeking advice from contractors and attorneys to finish putting together a proposal to present our state representatives. The Texas State legislation will not meet up again until January 2019.

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