Career Education Center gives hands-on experience to students

WICHITA FALLS, TX - It has been almost a week since the Career Education Center with the Wichita Falls ISD opened its doors to students. The center is home to 1,200 people who walk those halls every day offering everything from robotics courses to a kitchen for culinary classes.

Every student that goes to the school has the ability to get hands-on experience which gives them a heads up on their future career path.

Marivian Tores is a senior at Wichita Falls high school. She wants to be a pediatrician. That is why she is taking a medical assistant class at the CEC.

"We code medications, learn to take information like a receptionist, and draw blood."

Since school has started, she performed CPR on a mannequin.

Ron Gordon is a registered nurse and teaches the health science classes. He said the CEC puts kids at an advantage in their future career field.

"We actually have space to do more hands-on which is what they really enjoy," said Gordon. "It's a lot more fun to teach when you can show them how it works rather than just showing them the theory of it."

Jack Cantrell is taking welding. When he walked in for the first time he said the size of the building took him by surprise.

"There's places to go sit back and study. There's the learning stairs they built," said Cantrell. "The office is there next to it. Everything is simple to find."

With classes like welding, cosmetology, culinary, and a television studio, the CEC is offering hands-on experiences for every student.

"We'll actually be working on stuff and not just working with theories like that," said Lorenzo Boyd, a senior who is taking robotics classes. "It's like a small college almost, because everything is here. It helps you decide what you want to do in your life."

"I feel like I'll be more prepared for college," said Torres. "I'll know a lot more with this program now than I feel like a lot of other kids don't have the benefit of actually coming to the CEC.  Actually getting to work with the mannequins and yeah I feel like I'll just be more advanced."

The principal said once everything gets moved into the building, anyone can come in for services like in the cosmetology department or the dog grooming center.

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