WFPD warn public of credit card skimmers

WFPD warn public of credit card skimmers

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A new warning for anybody who uses a debit or credit card in Wichita Falls. Police have told Newschannel 6 they have seen an increase in card skimmers popping up around the city.

The head of a credit union in Wichita Falls confirmed to Newschannel 6 that several of its members have fallen victim to credit card fraud in the last couple of months, calling it a significant increase.

One woman said it happened to her a couple of times here in Wichita Falls over the last couple of months.

Skimming is just one way your card can be compromised. It happens mostly at gas station when someone puts a fake card reader over the keypad on the pump. Now, those thieves are getting more sneaky. It's called blue tooth skimming.

Seargent Harold McClure with the police department said cyber crooks are putting a blue tooth device on the pump that will send all of your card information directly to their phone as soon as you swipe your card.

The best way you can tell if a gas pump has been tampered with is by looking for a seal on it. If the seal is broken, don't use it.

"The individual that services the machine when they come out and they have to get inside the machine they'll break the seal on it," said Sargent McClure. "Once they're done servicing the machine they will replace a new security seal just to ensure that it has not been tampered."

Sgt. McClure said when you pull up to the pump, make sure the area is well lit and has security cameras. This also helps ensure your safety.  Another good idea to prevent your card from getting skimmed is to pay for your gas with cash.

Police want to remind people that if you get the gut feeling that something doesn't feel right at the pump go somewhere else.

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