Couple prepares to provide disaster relief after Hurricane Harvey

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Volunteering has been a part of Michael and Sharon Dow's life for almost 47 years.

They first joined the Red Cross as disaster relief case workers in 2005 just in time for Hurricane Dennis and Hurricane Katrina. Now they are preparing to head south while also volunteering during Hotter'N Hell weekend.

"Well today we got the vehicles ready and this is not Red Cross. We're just strictly Hotter'N Hell Volunteers," Michael said.

Michael and his wife Sharon are non-emergency medical transportation volunteers during the big race.

"Right now we're just trying to get everything prepared and ready for Hotter'N Hell and we've already got our ERV ready," Sharon said.

The Emergency Response Vehicle is ready to head out anytime. They will also gather supplies like food on the way.

"It's ready to go whenever they call," Sharon said.

While waiting for the call they are closely watching the storm.

"They say it's really going to be a bad one, not so much the wind and all, but it's going to stay and it's going to keep dumping rain," Michael said. "They say some places may have 36 inches of rain. That's a yard. That's a lot of water coming in."

They are expecting to be called into action Saturday night or Sunday morning. As soon as that happens the truck could be filled with enough food to serve 500 meals.

"It warms my heart to know that I may not have done a lot, but I did what was necessary to do at the time and everything I did was appreciated," Sharon said.

Anyone can volunteer for the Red Cross by going to their website. Volunteers do have to go through training so deployment for Hurricane Harvey will not be likely for any new Red Cross members.

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