Lawton Soccer Club country music concert fundraiser

Lawton Soccer Club country music concert fundraiser

LAWTON, OK (KAUZ) - It was a music-filled fundraiser on Sunday night for the Lawton Soccer Club.

At the McMahon Auditorium on the Cameron University's campus, country music artist William Michael Morgan performed to help the Lawton Soccer club raise money for their new parking lot, which they need $250,000 dollars to repair and get started on.

Morgan said even though he loves performing for all audiences, he hopes this performance has a lasting impact for the people of Lawton.

"Well anything for the kids," Morgan said. "Keep them out of trouble. Keep them out of drugs, keep them in school. Anything for the kids to get out and do some extracurricular activities."

Sean McGrath with the Lawton Soccer Club said their goal is to get the parking lot and facilities at their fields up-to-date so they can start with their long-term goal.

"Our long-term goal with soccer tournaments is that if we can get a couple of tournaments a year then we are talking up to 100 to 150 teams from outside the Comanche County area that are going to be here Friday, Saturday, Sunday to play in a tournament."

Coming up on September 8th, Taya Kyle, wife of "American Sniper" Chris Kyle, will be speaking at the McMahon Auditorium for another fundraiser for the soccer club. McGrath hopes with those two fundraisers they will be closer to achieving their goal.

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