Family with Vernon roots flees Tropical Storm Harvey

Family with Vernon roots flees Tropical Storm Harvey

VERNON, TX (KAUZ) - A couple from Vernon who has been living in the greater Houston area for about nine months is preparing for the worst when they return to their South Texas home.

Hurricane Harvey has devastated many gulf coast towns, displacing an estimated 30,000 people and forcing many to evacuate.

Lisa and Blue Taylor and their baby girl Samara have been staying with family in Vernon and Wichita Fall. They headed to North Texas Friday morning after learning catastrophic flooding was expected to impact the Gulf Coast.

Although they are out of harm's way one thing is still on their minds, what they will be returning home to.

"With them calling it a historic event being all the way out here it really adds a lot more pressure to what we may actually be facing when we get back because we really just have no idea," said Blue Taylor.

The couple lives in Texas City, located between Dickinson and Galveston, two towns hit hard by the storm.

The couple said with a 10-month-old to worry about they knew they could not stay.

"I think that was a big push to take the jump and go ahead and go because I couldn't imagine being there right now in the middle of all that with the baby," said Blue. "I mean you're talking there are people on rooftops, there are people that couldn't escape their apartment."

They were able to make it out with two vehicles loaded with some clothes, their cats, family photos and important documents.

"We had to put the rest of the things that we could not take up high, so hopefully it [the flood water] didn't go too high," said Lisa.

All the Taylors can do now is hope since they do not know what awaits them when they get back.

"We've searched hard for some photos and we found some of a grocery store right in front of our apartment complex, and it looks like the entire parking lot of that whole area was covered," said Lisa.

She said they are not sure if it flooded their apartment but they are assuming it has.

"We are pretty sure that our apartment is pretty messed up," said Blue.   

They are prepared for the worst.

"I feel like if I expect that it is flooded then it won't be as disappointing," said Lisa.

The couple finds comfort knowing they have their loved one's support.  Like Lisa's mother Paula Bosma who said she is grateful they made it out safely.

Bosma said she was scared when she heard about the storm.

"I was really really worried that they would wait too long and wouldn't be able to get out," said Bosma. "You know all the mother things that would really go through your head," said Bosma.

What is going through their minds now, is if they will have a home when they get back.

"It's like starting all over again, which I feel like we just got settled for the first time in a long time," said Lisa.

The couple said they know the road to recovery is going to be a long one, but they are eager to get home to help those who stayed behind.

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