Work on the Falls continues

Work on the Falls continues

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The iconic Falls were turned on just in time for Hotter'N Hell Hundred; however, the falls can now be seen without water once again.

Davis Powell with the Public Works Engineering Division said there is still clean up work to be done around the falls.  On Wednesday, they actually found a float switch giving false readings.  The water must be turned off to replace the switch.

The water treatment plant is in charge of turning the falls off and on.  The superintendent, Harold Burris, said the floats protect the pumps allowing the falls to shut off if the water in the river is too low.  The water in the 'Falls' is filled completely with water from the river

The falls will be off while crews continue to clean up work from the bridge project.  They will be checking to make sure the water is flowing correctly through the well and reservoir. Burris said they are also working on the rocks and landscaping.

They may be off until they are completely done with the project.  Eric Crosslin with the City of Wichita Falls said when that happens, there will be an official ribbon cutting for the new bridge.  The date is not set at this time.

Other projects Crosslin said Parks and Recreation are working on at the same time includes finishing the Wichita Bluff Nature Area of the Circle Trail and putting up ornamental structures on the traffic control boxes at intersections throughout the city.

Crosslin said when these projects are complete, there will be a ribbon cutting for these also.

The Director of Parks & Recreation, Jack Murphy, also reminds everyone that the falls are turned off periodically after big rainfall events because there is a heavy load of sand and silt.

Burris said the muddy water will stain the rocks the water flows over.  They have a color chart they watch to see when to flip the switch and turn the falls off due to the muddy river water.

Murphy said the falls have been running since 1988 as an object of beauty.  They are a sense of pride for the city. So for aesthetic, the falls are regularly turned off after a rainfall.

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