Hurricane Harvey causes gas price hike

Hurricane Harvey causes gas price hike
The gas price average in Wichita Falls dropped a nickel from last week. (Source: RNN Texoma)

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Just like the flood waters in Houston, gas prices are also rising, and it looks they could continue rising for the next few weeks.

Many Texomans say they've already noticed an increased premium in prices at the pump.

"Yeah, it's ridiculous.  It's pretty bad," said C.J. Price of Wichita Falls.

Coverage of Harvey has been dominating news cycles since it landed last weekend.  Price said he's seen the sad images of people being evacuated by boat, shelters full of displaced residents, and people looting stores in search of food to survive.  There are more than 10 oil refineries that have closed because of Harvey.  Price said he's not surprised to see prices higher than they were just days ago.

"Overall, I don't think it's too bad.  If you process like 30 cents, it could get worse you never know," said Price.

Noe Vigio said he has family in the Houston area.  He's tried unsuccessfully to get in contact with them, and while he's worried, he's also hopeful that they're okay. Vigio said he was shocked to see prices increase so soon after the hurricane hit.

"It was $1.99 last Friday, and then now, it's $2.19," said Vigio.

No one knows exactly how long prices will climb, but it's clear they won't be dipping back down anytime soon.  An analyst for GasBuddy retail fuel pricing said it depends on how much damage is done by the rising flood water that will be directly related to how long prices will continue to rise.

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