Heroes of Texoma: Pedro Marrufo

GRAHAM, TX (KAUZ) - This week's Hero of Texoma is Pedro Marrufo, a Graham police officer that served 14 years in the Marine Corps.

"Fresh out of high school, you know with no plan. I think the best course of action for me at the time was go into the military," said Pedro Marrufo.

Pedro Marrufo grew up in west Texas before moving to Graham his senior year of high school. A few months later he was to the west coast

"As soon as I graduated, about a month or so later I went to Marine Corp Recruit Depot in San Diego," said Marrufo.

In the Marine Corps, Marrufo would spend time in the U.S. but then also serve on deployments in Okinawa, Japan, Iraq, and Guantanamo Bay. Out of all of his service locations, he said he enjoyed Guantanamo Bay the most because it was just him and his fellow marines.

"As a young sergeant, motivated, I loved every second about the Marine Corp. The young men that came across there were fresh out of infantry school. You sleep it, eat it, breathe it, live it. It's just Marine Corp...24/7," said Marrufo.

He also served as a sniper and a Marine Corp drill instructor during his time in the Marines. After leaving the service in 2010, Marrufo moved back to Graham where he worked different jobs before finding his place.

"The Graham Police Department was hiring and did a little research, they had a pretty good program. They took a chance on me, hired me, and here we are," said Marrufo.

The similarities between the military and the police way of life drew him there.

"I missed the interaction with people, I missed the friendships, the bond...I just missed the military way of life. I think the thing closest to it is a police officer," said Marrufo.

Recently, he was promoted to sergeant within the Graham Police Department and continues to serve those in his community

"Just a simple hello or if I'm on patrol, stop and interact with them. I enjoy going to the schools and visiting with some of the young lads there," said Marrufo.

Charlie Powell met Marrufo before Marrufo joined the police force and is who reached out to us to honor his friend.

"He told me he had a dream of becoming a police officer and he pursued that dream and fulfilled it. Now he puts his life on the line for our community every day," said Powell.

If you know someone who has served and want to recognize them as a Hero of Texoma, email us at News@KAUZ.com.

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