Harvey causes gas concerns, officials say "there's plenty"

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A number of gas stations in Wichita Falls said they do not expect to run out of gas or experience a shortage.

Gas price spikes across Texas and a low supply at some gas stations in other areas have prompted long lines at local stations.

Texas Railroad Commissioner, Ryan Sitton, said, "There's plenty of gasoline. This will subside."

Officials said concerns begun when Hurricane Harvey caused refineries along the Gulf Coast to shut down.

However, a local gas and oil expert tells Newschannel 6, there is no major shortage and people need to remain calm.

Texas Alliance of Energy Producers President, Alex Mills, said communities could see spot shortages being caused by people rushing to stations to fill up when it is not immediately necessary.

Mills recommends the best thing you can do is to continue your daily routine as normal and to not get gas unless you need it.

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