Wild Bird Rescue plans to open an exhibit to the public

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The Wild Bird Rescue is raising money during Texoma Gives next Thursday to open an educational bird exhibit.

They are a refuge for lost, sick or injured birds. Many of the birds they nurse back to health and release back into the wild, but some of them have problems that prevent them from surviving on their own.

"This is Morticia she's one of our education birds she is a black vulture," Executive Director, Cassandra Shinpaugh said, "She has a deformity called scissor beak and unfortunately being a vulture they tear their food and she just can't tear it."

One of the many birds that will be part of the educational exhibit.

"During our operating hours which is seven days a week 365 days a year, basically we'll have a walkway around an exhibit with all of our educational hawks and owls and our vulture," Shinpaugh said.

Right now, tours are not allowed. Money raised through Texoma Gives goes towards opening the exhibit to the public.

"We want to give back to the community and I believe this will be the perfect way to do that," Shinpaugh said. "Our goal right now is to hopefully have this going by the first of the year and it's going to cost us about $75,000."

Texoma Gives Fundraising efforts kick off on Thursday.

"We are actually having an event down here 4611 Lakeshore Drive at wild bird rescue. We'll have a tent set up with multiple tables with bird feeders," Shinpaugh said. "If you come down and donate at least $25 dollars we will actually give you a bird feeder. To help bring wild birds to your backyard."

To donate through Texoma Gives Click here. Find out more about the Wild Bird Rescue here.

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