Houston evacuee shares his story

Houston evacuee shares his story

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - While some Hurricane Harvey evacuees returned home on Friday, others continue to wait.

Patrick Smith, a Houston resident, sat down and watched the devastation Harvey left behind from his hotel room in Wichita Falls. As hard as it is, he said he tries to remain positive.

"It was hard at first but it got even worse when you are out of town and you're out of town and you're still talking to people in town," Smith said.

He evacuated his hometown in his car last week just as the storm hit.

"You're getting on the road but there's no guarantee there's gas," Smith said. "You basically have enough time to grab what's important."

His parents stayed, with their three horses, and found shelter with his grandmother.

Smith arrived in Dallas where his fraternity brothers helped, feed and housed him. He applied with FEMA, who is paying his hotel bill for the next month.

The car was damaged driving in the storm but it was able to get him his temporary home in Wichita Falls.

He now uses a bike given to him by a member of Trinity United Methodist to get around.

Smith said he helps his loved ones, who are still in Houston, as much as he can but he still wants to do more.

"It's like an internal panic like, you can't, you can't do anything, all you can do is pray," he said.

He said he does not know when he can return home and reunite with his family. He has begun applying for jobs just in case he needs to stay longer.

He said he would like to volunteer around town to as a way to say thank you to Texoma for the support they have shown. You can contact him here: animalfitsmitt@yahoo.com

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