Sara Woody found guilty, punishment phase continues

Sara Woody found guilty, punishment phase continues

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Sara Anne Woody was found guilty on 16 counts of injury to a child on Wednesday afternoon. 30th District Judge Bob Brotherton made the announcement around noon. Her trial began late last month.

Doctors, psychologists, law enforcement officials and her alleged victims took the stand throughout the trial.

Dr. Jeremy Sautner took the stand early in the Sara Woody trial. He treated one of her alleged victims in the United Regional Emergency Room.

The child said they fell and hit their face, but Dr. Sautner said the bruising to the lip and eye were not consistent with the story. The child also did not have injuries to his wrists or hands from trying to brace from a fall.

Bruising was found on their chest, older than the bruising to his face according to Dr. Sautner. Burkburnett Detective, Johnathan Zellner also took the stand. Zellner observed bruising on two of the children.

When a search warrant was executed at Woody's house in April of 2016, detectives found a 50-pound bag of rice, jugs of apple cider vinegar, tent poles, a plastic baby gate, and a 2 x 4 piece of wood. Woody pleaded not guilty to 26 counts of Injury to a Child.

During opening statements, the prosecution told the jury they will see a pattern of torture, emotional and physical abuse, as well as abuse by exposure. The defense told jury members that Woody was a good mom who did nothing more than try to raise children in a good Christian home.

The abuse Woody was accused of included forcing the victims to lick dirty toilets, locking them in a closet without food for days and using a bucket for a toilet.

Other abuse included hitting one of them in the genitals with a belt, beating them with a boat oar and covering the bruises up with makeup.

The victims testified Woody told them to lie about what happened when they were questioned by police and doctors. One of the young victims said his step mom blamed him for her miscarriages.

A Psychological Associate interviewed and tested one of the victims. During her testimony, she said the child showed signs of abuse.

Another psychologist interviewed and tested all three of the victims and said the first and second one had below average scores for their verbal, nonverbal, and composite I.Q. scores.

The victims were diagnosed with PTSD and child physical abuse among many others.

The punishment phase of the trial began Wednesday afternoon and is expected to continue Thursday morning.

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