Newschannel 6 takes on the Y Warrior Challenge

As part of Texoma Gives a few familiar faces seen on Newschannel 6 competed in the Y warrior Challenge. It was a fierce relay competition between the other businesses in Texoma.

The race started as Jeff Zotz sprinted around the Track. Next Carly Smith took to the basketball goal with a swoosh. Jake Garcia used his racquetball skills to knock the water bottle down. John Cameron took on the aerobic obstacle course. Ava Van Valen was the anchor of the team in the gymnastics room. Jeff and Carly also competed in the individual competition. Watch for the results on the Newschannel 6 Facebook page.

"It originated in the accounting office. we've got some really creative staff, we were just brainstorming together, you know what can we do to celebrate Texoma gives and to show off some of the great things the YMCA has to offer and so we've enjoyed a tremendous day here and everyone's a little hot and sweaty but we had a lot of fun," Noel Filer, Mission Advancement Director for the YMCA said.

The fun event helps show everyone what the YMCA has to offer the community and what your donations go toward. They have broken ground on the brand new facility which will bring new upgrades to all the fun seen in the Y warrior challenge.