Best way to help Harvey victims now is by donating money

American Red Cross has helped tens of thousands after hurricane Harvey.
They handed out lots of donated items but now the state of Texas is asking people to stop giving.
Katrina Farmer, executive director, with Wichita Falls Red Cross says best way to help Harvey victims now is by donating money.
Farmer says their non-profit organization doesn't have the ability to move items
and that a financial donation can turn into whatever hurricane Harvey victims may need.
"Your dollar can be socks if somebody needs it. Your dollar can be sunscreen or bug spray for people. It can become a trash bag if they need to bag up stuff. Your donated dollar can turn into anything that it needs to be," Farmer said. 
Farmer suggests those who have collected items to have a yard sale and donate the cash.
If you would like to help you can make your donation online at red
or call Wichita Falls Red Cross and donate through the phone.
Farmer says they also take checks. If you write Harvey on the memo line the funds will be strictly used for that. In light of Irma you can write disaster relief on the memo line and that will also be covered.

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