Hometown Pride Tour: Waggoner's Boots celebrates 70 years

Waggoner's boots
Waggoner's boots

HENRIETTA, TX (KAUZ) - Waggoner's Boots is celebrating 70 years in Henrietta.

The business is known as one of the last places in the Texoma area still doing boot repair, but it is also known for being a family run business throughout generations.

Jan Landis is the third generation owner of Waggoner's. It all began in 1947 when her grandparents bought City Boot Repair on the square.

"My grandparents did boot and shoe repair for several years," said Landis.  "They started bringing Nocona boots to sell out of their store. They also added some belts and buckles and items like leather goods.

In 1974, her father bought the store from her grandparents and moved it to where it is now on Omega street. Landis was a freshman in High School.

"I remember moving all that merchandise over here and getting the store set up," said Landis.

Her dad also opened up a barber shop in the store. In 1998, Jan and her husband Paul took over the store and continued the boot repair and barber shop.

Paul had to learn about boot repair when he started working for the store. He quickly learned it is not an easy job.

"We gets boots of all kinds in shapes and all kinds of conditions," said Paul Landis.  You have to know what you have to do to fix it.  A lot of our boots come in with holes a lot bigger so big on the bottom of the boot that of the Cowboys when they put their foot down they'll have their sock on the ground because they wear them that long."

At any point in time, Waggoner's can have so many repairs, the boots will line the shelves in the repair shop.

"Everybody that wears boots in this area that needs them repaired will bring them here," said Paul Landis.  "We're one of the last places that do boot repair."

It is truly a family business, with many cousins working at the store. The Landis' sons grew up at the shop.

"They would start out with a little dusting and work their way up to working the cash register and helping people in the store," said Jan Landis.

Jan said it is the family values of the store that keeps customers coming back for generations.

"We put our customers first," said Jan Landis.  "We have customer service.  So many stores you go into now the people that work there don't really know that much about their product and we try to know.  It also helps with the people knowing your family and filling that connection."

The Landis family hopes to see the business continue in the family for several more generations.

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