Texoma church helps with Southeast Texas water rescues

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Five Texoma residents said they went on a trip that changed their lives after performing water rescue missions in the Houston area.

Members of the Texoma Cowboy Church went to flooded areas following Hurricane Harvey with two air boats and an army truck, which were donated to them by Harry Patterson, to help the Cajun Navy and the Texas Coast guard.

The idea to help with water missions was started by Harry Patterson, President of Patterson Auto Group and 4 P's Ranches.

Patterson contacted Jeff Peck, one of his employees and member of TCC, to round up a group of people willing to help in Southeast Texas. Peck said within 24 hours he had his team which included TCC Pastor John Riggs, Philip Pink, Harris Pink and John Paul Gelaccio.

"It's just an outpour of blessings," Peck said. "We were the blessed ones just to be there."

The group helped reunite a daughter and father in Orangefield. They received a call from the coast guard saying the roads were washed out and people needed help.

"There was a man that was sitting on the bridge," Peck said. "He had come to us and said he was trying to reach his daughter and grandson for the last three days. They didn't know if they (were) going to get him out (before) the water rose."

Peck said each moment they reunited a family it was a blessing.

"You know the look on the man's face whenever he grabbed his grandson was just outpouring," Peck said. "It was just, it was life changing."

Patterson said he received multiple calls from people raving about the team he helped put together.

"I get cold chills just thinking about what some of the things I was told and the things that I saw," Patterson said.

Peck, a leader at the 12-step program SICK Ministry, said some of his members are now helping with clean up in flooded areas.

Patterson said he is planning to get equipment to help with those cleanup efforts and the group is looking into helping veterans, impacted by the natural disaster, get back on their feet.

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