Heroes of Texoma: Red Door Senior Center

Heroes of Texoma: Red Door Senior Center

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The Red Door Senior Center in Wichita Falls is a place where seniors can come get lunch and spend time outside of their homes.

30-percent of those who come to lunch are veterans and that is not including the family they bring with them.

While eating lunch and talking with each other, other services are also available for the veterans.

The Disabled American Veterans organization is located nearby and holds meetings at the Red Door.

In 2012, the Red Door decided to do something special for the veterans and gave them their own wall to hang their service pictures.

"That beautiful wall honoring veterans, honoring those who've served our country and the people who sit at those tables every day. It's definitely the most impactful part of the Red Door," said Director of Marketing and Development at The Kitchen, Pam Hughes.

If you know a veteran or an active member in the military, we want to honor them. Nominating is easy. All you have to do is send a letter, email, or Facebook message with your veteran's information to the places below:

Mail: 3601 Seymour Hwy, Wichita Falls, TX 76309

Email: News@KAUZ.com

Facebook: Newschannel 6 KAUZ

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