Abduction attempts make parents proactive

WICHITA FALLS, TX - An increase of attempted abductions in Wichita Falls has many of us asking how we can keep our kids safe.

The most recent abduction case happened Monday when three people were arrested after an abduction at a motel in Wichita Falls.

Another incident happened during the Labor Day weekend near Rider High School and Jefferson Elementary.

The victim got away but it has some Wichita Falls moms teaching their kids what to do if they ever face this situation.

Police tell Newschannel 6 even though there is an increase in cases, what to do if you are in that situation always stays the same.

Mother of seven, Shauna Larocque, said the thought of her children being abducted terrifies her.

"It makes sense that that is what someone would do," said Larocque.  "There are kids running around everywhere.  There is tons of cars it would take two seconds to snatch grab and drive away.  If you're with a million kids, you probably wouldn't notice one kid yell for help.  It's terrifying."

That's why counselor Laura Ritchie said it is important to have a plan.

"They happen all over even in Wichita Falls," said Ritchie.  "That's why it's important to always be proactive and have the conversation early."

Larocque set ground rules for her family and reminds them anytime they leave to go anywhere.

"Everybody stays in front of mom at all times they keep one hand on the cart," said Larocque.  "All the time. Nobody goes behind me so I can see them."

Ritchie said this is a good method to use with kids. Another is to make sure your kids are never alone.

"I need to be able to see you and you need to be able to see me," said Ritchie.

In an instance where you child may get separated, both moms tell me they have taught their kids to find a safe person.

"When we go out places they know find someone who works there if you see a police officer anybody with a name tag of the store," said Larocque.  "They know that is a safe person to go."

Another thing Ritchie said to do is to trust your gut instinct. If you see someone in a store that you think could harm either yourself or your children remove yourself from that situation.

Another tip is to make sure when your child is walking to or from school he or she is never alone. They say the best way to do this is to have a parent walk with them or use the buddy system.

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